Marketing campaigns in CRM

Is Marketing campaigns so important for marketing and sales activities?

Marketing Campaigns module serves to efficient and well-arranged management of your marketing campaigns. It enables mass mailings and offers tools for monitoring .

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Why do you need marketing campaign management for your business?

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Campaign Management allows you to create and track highly targeted marketing campaigns based on demographics, purchase trends, response patterns, etc…
  1. It manages, tracks and analyze all marketing campaigns—including email, direct mail, events and multi-channel campaigns—in a single application.
  2. Analyzes campaign statistics and ROI from the start of the marketing campaign to the final order transaction.
  3. It helps to segment your data to deliver personalized marketing of your products and services.
  4. Categorizes and assess the number of touch-points needed to move a lead through your sales process.
  5. Helps to create campaign content quickly and easily through templates.

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How to create a successful marketing campaign?

  1. Identify your marketing campaign goal and purpose
  2. Use the segmentation tools that help you segment and categorize your leads
  3. Choose the suitable marketing tool : web forms, email marketing, social platforms,…, the right timing and the most suitable content based on your lead’s behavior analysis
  4. Make sure to add call-to-action content
  5. Monitor customers’ engagements in campaigns using the CRM marketing campaign module
  6. Set-up automated campaigns based on lead/contact-us’s activities
  7. Analyze your campaigns successful factors easily through the module
  8. Analytical detailed reports are done by the module which shows you your success and weak points and how your campaign performance going through.

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