Lead Scoring techniques

and how to set-up Lead Scoring

A lead is someone who shows interest or clear intensions in your product or service.

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There are many methods of gathering leads when using CRM application as :

Web forms

A web form, also called an HTML form, is an online page that allows for user input. Web Form is a good way to gather information from your web sites users and visitors. Enrich your website with Web Forms and link it to CRM.

Data entry

Dealing with data import and export is very important when using CRM, professional CRM makes data import as piece of cake in effort and time consumed through using field mapping. CSV files are mostly main files used.

Marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing Campaign, is a specific, defined series of activities or actions used in marketing a product or a service online. Activities ranges from email marketing to social media marketing plus more and more.

These leads whether Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) are then transferred to sales department which validates/filters leads to Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) and then to potential customers through lead management process.

If you have a lead funnel and have different personas and buyers for your products, don’t you need a filtering strategy? That is so called Lead Scoring.

Lead Scoring is a methodology used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value. For example, each lead could be represented by: job title, budget, requested service, etc.. in addition to any information valuable to your business about such lead.

A lead in CRM is object containing information of a person (name, age & budget) or a company (industry, employees number & budget) who has the potential to become a customer – that is, to complete a deal.

Why do you need lead scoring For your business?

Depending on your organization, sales and marketing departments use CRM. But in today’s online buying environment, it’s more important than ever that sales and marketing work together toward the same goals.

Having clearly defined lead scores facilitates constant communication, allowing sales to clarify which leads are the most beneficial to them while helping marketing to generate effective content and outreach efforts specifically targeted to those groups.

If marketing spends its time nurturing leads that are more likely to convert once they get to sales, then more leads naturally convert into sales A common misconception is that a lead scoring system will bring in more leads overall, but in reality, its purpose is to bring in more quality leads, the high quality of a lead increases productivity and revenue.

You’ve all heard the phrase “time is money,” so make sure your sales team isn’t spending their time chasing leads that won’t turn into money. A lead scoring system can (and should) do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to filtering out leads that won’t convert.

As a result, it will help shorten the time required to complete the overall sales cycle.

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Ranking leads - How to do it with CRM?

Ranking leads have no certain standards, it differs from business to another, depending on your own priorities and vision.

Leads scoring factors mainly is segmented as :

Demographic Lead Scoring:

based on characteristics the lead poses. For example:

  • Job title
  • Department
  • Country / city
  • Revenue (budget)
  • Employees number, etc…

Behavioural lead scoring:

based on the actions the lead takes, Are they showing interest in your company and your offering? Described as their digital body language, For example:

  • Their response to emails and CTA (Call To Action)
  • Website visits number
  • Page views as it may differs in weight (pricing page is heavy than others)
  • Landing pages

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How to Set Up Lead Scoring manually?

Step 1 – Identify Criteria for Lead Scoring:

Create a list of all the ways a lead can interact with your company as well as information of lead capture forms.

Step 2 – Determine the weight of each criteria:

Set points count for each of the criteria you listed. Give more points to those that more strongly indicate a high-value lead.

Step 3 – Determine Criteria for Sales Qualified Lead (SQL):

Establish a score that indicates a sales-ready lead. For example, every lead with a score of 60% or higher is ready to be contacted for a sale than of score 40%. Higher score leads are highly preferred to be contacted and followed up than lower ones. You may want to send them by email or export them directly.

How automated lead scoring works in STS CRM?

Lead scoring criteria lists will be added through business processes, also called workflow, which are a series of actions that are carried out by the system and/or users so that operations are standardized and carried out with monitoring.

Leads data gathered through the different channels: web forms, social forms in integration with workflows and web statistics tracking tools to study lead’s behavioral activities and actions, leading to automation workflow to send mails, then automatically comparing those gathered data to criteria lists, resulting in filtering only those qualified prospects to sales department.

This process saves much time and effort as it helps in auto gathering all needed information about leads accurately and then comparing them with the agreed criteria.

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