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STS Egypt is one of the best IT leading technology companies in software - online solutions in Egypt, it is founded in 2006.

STS Egypt offers many software products, all customized based on your needs and desires, designed to fit all industries fulfilling all departments’ needs.

Why STS Egypt?

Incomparable Customer Service:

Unlike some of our competitors, we truly understand the meaning of customer service. All of us at STS are committed to provide the finest experience possible to every client. We consider the complete customer experience in every task we undertake. We treat our clients as individuals, with care and respect. We make their priorities our priorities, while striving to find a balance between meeting project goals and deadlines and producing the highest-quality work.

Custom Web Development Approach:

At STS, we always prefer to develop a custom system rather than use a generic template; this approach gives a unique creative identity to our client’s brand. Great design requires great backend programming as well. Custom-developed content management systems, shopping carts, web portals and web applications blend seamlessly with our cutting-edge visual design. Overall, our approach provides an elegant user experience that’s designed to capture or convert the target demographic.

Fair Price:

At STS, the prices of projects do not change based on our client’s purse strings. That is, it’s the required amount of time and resources that drive a project’s cost. If we scale back or widen the scope of a project, the price alters. We always remain consistent and fair in our pricing. Our passion for technology continually leads to the development of more efficient methodologies, providing the optimal solutions to our client’s needs at the lowest cost possible.

Quick Turnaround:

Highly experienced consultants and developers, the use of an intelligent information system, passion for and implementation of new technology, constant research, a proven project development methodology, and high-energy customer support make it possible for us to get projects completed faster than any other service provider.

Insightful use of our proprietary Information Management Systems:

Based on years of project and process management experience, STS has developed several informational systems designed for communication between our clients and our project coordinator. Management of projects, internal data, and tasks of team members, is centralized, archived, and controlled via our in-house system. Use of the informational system allows our employees to be the most efficient in the industry. As a result of implementation employees tend to spend more time on research and development than in finding their task lists and lost files.

Finally We Want to Become Your Long-Term Partner

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