Importing and Exporting Data in CRM

Is Importing and Exporting so important for marketing and sales activities?

The import and export of data is the automated or semi-automated input and output of data sets between different software applications

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Why importing/ exporting data is essential?

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Importing/ exporting is essential as it cuts down effort, time and duplicated work, as all what you do is within one button you can copy the data (with your needed format) to the place you want it in just minutes.

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How data is imported/exported in STS CRM?

Import data:
  • Step 1: Choose import data option
  • Step 2: choose your file (supported format: .CSV, .VCF)
  • Step 3: Specify format of file, delimiter, etc..
  • Step 4: You have the option to duplicate and merge data records
  • Step 5: Map the Columns to Module Fields – mapping
  • Step 6: save and import the data
Export data:
  • Step 1: Choose export data option
  • Step 2: Choose your desired option: Export selected records , export data in current page Or export all data
  • Step 3: Save the data on your PC with your desired name and format.

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