Calendar module in CRM

Is Calendar so important for marketing and sales activities?

Calendar is an essential module that handles meetings schedules, phone calls, reminders, activities, etc.. in an organized and efficient way

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Why do you need calendar in your CRM?

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Haven’t you faced a hassle in managing all your meetings schedules, plans, phone calls or faced a customer complain about late follow-ups and replies?

Calendar module is the best reminder and organizing tool that handles timings and schedules, it saves time and effort for managing daily activities

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How calendar module works?

Calendar module helps in mapping your goal tracking by setting reminders and clear schedules, it includes many facilities that paves route towards best management styles:
  1. It helps in keep tracking follow-ups with daily tasks and activities
  2. It sets reminders and sends notifications for events, phone calls, meetings, etc..
  3. Scheduling activities quickly, adding tasks and events—such as phone calls, scheduled follow-up, submission deadlines or meetings. Label them with relevant information, like priority, owner, due date and more.
  4. Add notes to each task or event to give them context and keep all details about the scheduled activity easily accessed.
  5. Set a task’s priority to ensure your team stays on the same page and knows the importance of each task or event
  6. Know how far the task has progressed with the calendar’s in-progress status bar. Update the status as you move towards completion.
  7. Create/schedule events and invite all event’s participants
  8. Import/export, edit, share all calendar activities and tasks easily

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