How educated organizations look like?

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How educated organizations look like?

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How educated organizations look like?

How Educated Organizations Look Like?

Here are some general tips for establishing educated organizations:

1-Create a learning environment:
Make sure to establish a learning environment before beginning the actual transfer of knowledge, by giving each person involved the opportunity to train their colleagues on a particular process. That way, everyone has the chance to be both a teacher and a pupil, and it also keeps the group interactive.

"I never teach my pupils,i only provide the conditions in which they can learn" ~ Albert Einstein

2-Explain ‘why’ and ‘how’ projects work:
There are two key parts to the transfer of knowledge: “‘How’ do I get this done; and ‘Why’ do I get this done, helps in understanding the business context and goals before diving into the details.

3-Provide through documentation:
Pulling together documentation is the most straightforward thing you can do to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge within your organization, document knowledge as if it’s the reader’s first day and they have a minimum base of knowledge including references like a glossary of acronyms, list of necessary applications, and high-level overview of each process.

4-Be open to changes in methodology:
Staying flexible ensures that knowledge stays relevant, and that employees feel empowered as needed.

5-Create opportunities:
Set up informal gatherings where team members can exchange information and develop networks organically.

6-Use systems:
Technology can capture key information for later generations to use. They shouldn’t have to re-learn what others discovered, it also keeps data organized and easily access to be updates, example: CRM.

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