10 Mostly used marketing and sales reports you should know

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10 Mostly used marketing and sales reports you should know

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10 Mostly used marketing and sales reports you should know

Reporting is data analytics methodology that gives an accurate picture of customer’s behavior and products or services relation.
CRM reports are designed to help you sell smarter, monitor progress to goals and quickly identify problems. They can also help marketers track campaign performance and measure ROI. It enables you to capture, monitor, and understand your contacts and leads by numbers.
Traditionally, data reporting has been viewed as something essential in business. Sure, without a way to summarize and express acquired information, leaders would be left without any sort of foundation on which to base their decisions. The time and energy investment associated with creating reports on separate programs as Excel, resulted in increased costs and time, and had the tendency to soak up the time and talents of trained employees who would have been better utilized elsewhere.

CRM reporting is capable of easily collecting, organizing, and analyzing large amounts of data, and then presenting that data in a way that is efficiently navigable as dashboards, charts, tables, etc…

Reports can be represented as:
Dashboards graphs which gives a general overview statistics .
Reports module section that gives tabular detailed structure.

From The Mostly Used Sales Reports Are :

1-Contacts/ Leads report:
Anyone in sales can’t deny that your contacts are your most valuable asset. Not only are your contacts your leads, they are also your potential customers and your network to more leads. A contacts' report gives you both an overview of which contacts are in your database and detailed views of pipeline stage, source, industry, date of last contact, and other attributes.

2-Sales pipeline report:
Sales pipelines allow sellers to keep track of the status of every deal and understand whether they have an appropriate distribution of deals in order to meet their sales targets. A pipeline report shows the value and quantity of all deals in each stage of the pipeline and the conversion rates through the sales process

3-Wins/Losses report:
A wins/losses report displays which deals you’re closing or losing in real time, which reps are responsible for those deals, and how your close rate measures against industry benchmarks or your own goals.

4-Revenue reports:
Create monthly and quarterly versions of this report to measure your progress against goals and new revenue broken down by source, product, and sales rep. This can help you understand what tactics -- social, email, search, etc. -- are driving the most sales and where you need to double down your efforts. You can also use revenue reports to set new goals based on your current close rates.

Mostly Used Marketing Reports:

1-Source lead tracking report:
Those reports shows lead’s source whether from (organic search, paid media, site referral, social, email)

2-Content engagement metrics:
Reports that analysis and shows numbers of visitors, open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc…

3- Customer reporting:
Reports that analysis customers buying patterns, demographics and behavior interactions, profitability, etc…

4-Marketing campaigns report:

5-Email marketing report:
There are other many types of reports, most essential for all departments is KPI reports.

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