Experts advice on how to manage your sales team

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Experts advice on how to manage your sales team

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Experts advice on how to manage your sales team

Sales Management Tips For Your Sales Team:

1- “Be results driven”:
Hire people with drive and determination. Create an environment that is very transparent and oriented on key sales metrics and KPIs.

2- “Identify where you are and what you need”:
Before you learn how to manage a sales team, you need to build one. Identify which category your potential hires fall into, their experience level, quality and speed,…. Set for each one a clear goal and targeted objective through CRM tasks.

3- “Manage expectations and show support”:
You want to get your team excited and do whatever, you can support them, show them your existence, learn them new sales techniques on solving problems they face.

4- “Training matters”:
Make continuous learning part of the culture; emphasize and invest in training and professional development.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” ~Albert Einstein

5- “Importance-VS-value ratio”:
Your highest value people (mostly experienced) should be spending time on the lowest volume but highest importance activities.

6- “Think fairly how you distribute accounts”:
It’s logical to give your best opportunities to your best salespeople but you also want to balance that with a system that is fair. You should give everyone good opportunities to succeed and show themselves.

7- “Help them stay organized using the CRM”:
CRM helps in organizing sales people’s tasks, objectives, deadlines through dashboards.

8- “Provide instant constructive feedback on calls”:
While one-on-ones meetings might be the best way for salespeople to provide feedback to their managers, I believe the best feedback and growth opportunities lie in the manager actively listening or participating in rep’s calls with prospects, managers can give instant feedbacks on a sample call, providing salesman on improving tactics and best techniques can be handled in certain situations.

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