Do you think your business needs sales funnel?

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Do you think your business needs sales funnel?

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Do you think your business needs sales funnel?

Why Do I Need A Sales Funnel?

There are three key reasons to use a sales funnel:

1-Figure out your process (and improve it) –
Identifying the steps you take to close a sale is a good lead to selling better. With a standard method in place and a visual representation of it, you can apply it to your business, test it, and improve it.

2-Manage your day-to-day –
When you create a sales funnel within a CRM, you can view the progress of all your deals at a single glance, including the number of deals in each stage of the funnel.

3-Forecast earnings –
When you apply a probability to each sales stage.

Example: leads in the first stage have a 10% chance of closing, 20% in the second stage, etc.) you can multiply this by the value of each deal and thus find out how much revenue to expect overall.

4- It Allows You to Nurture Leads -
Having a proper sales funnel allows you to nurture potential clients because you know what people really want.

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