5 Ways to grab new Ideas for a successful content

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5 Ways to grab new Ideas for a successful content

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5 Ways to grab new Ideas for a successful content

1-Find opportunities through keyword research. Keyword research is a great way to discover how your audience is talking about a topic. In addition, keyword research can help you discover new opportunities for content that you may not have considered on your own.

2-Put in mind customer feedback, asking your customers may sound like a simple way to get an idea, but often there are unanswered questions they have about your product or your space that you can answer. Creating content around those questions will have a direct and meaningful effect on your existing customers. The closer you get to your customers mouth, the stronger your article is.

3-Put yourself in your audience's shoes, your first responsibility is to understand your customer. So, when you’re looking for new ideas, think about what your customer might find engaging, interesting or helpful. Then explore how those ideas could work with your content strategy.

4-Brainstorm with larger groups in your org. Your organization-wide knowledge is a powerful tool to utilize when coming up with new content ideas. For example, your customer support team has a lot of insight into the day-to-day problems your customers have. Your sales team has a wealth of knowledge about which solutions potential customers need from you or want to hear the most about. Tapping other groups in your org will help identify content ideas that speak to your customers’ (and potential customers') needs.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" ~Albert Einstein~

5-Investigate what your competitors are writing about. As a content creator, you should always be aware of the topics your named and unnamed competitors are writing about in your space. Understanding how your competitors approach a topic will help you differentiate your brand's voice, approach, and content from theirs.

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