Lead management cycle with CRM

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Lead management cycle with CRM

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Lead management cycle with CRM

Lead management is the first step in organizing your buyers’ journey and aligning the efforts of sales with marketing by which marketing acquires, evaluates, nurtures and hands off leads to the sales team, aligning workflows and unite them to work towards a common revenue goal.

In this process we keep tracking leads behavior and activities , qualifying them, nurturing them with relevant content and marketing messages, making them sales-ready, and helping sales team to close the leads quickly.

Let's go depth showing a case study integrating lead generation,lead scoring and lead management with CRM.

Lead management is a complex process, especially when the lead inflow increases.
Let's say you have started a business and created a great website. You started running ads and powerful social campaigns which made way for new leads. You find leads that are interested and also leads that aren’t (Lead generation phase).
So, you take help of an excel sheet to categorize your leads – not interested, somewhat interested, and very interested (Lead scoring phase)
Now, your lead volume starts to grow larger, needs filtering, following-up and retention. (Lead management phase)

With this large number of leads, you may miss follow-ups, leads- leakage, or no engagement , so to overcome this obstacle , CRM solves lead management issues for large numbers, keep tracking periodically , making leads sales-ready for the sales department through sequential stages:
1-Lead capture automation
2-Lead qualification
3-lead distribution
4-Lead nurturing

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