How Automation in CRM works?

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How Automation in CRM works?

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How Automation in CRM works?

  Automation is a smart way to remove repetitive tasks from staff workflows and increase overall productivity efficiency. Automation designates a process of significantly reducing or entirely eliminating human labor on daily repetitive tasks and that’s through guidelines rules which will perform actions in an unattended manner: send e-mails, make calls, etc.
Workflow Automation simply allows you to automate CRM-related tasks that you may currently be handling manually. Whether it’s contacting relevant parties or sending welcome emails to new clients through sequential pre-defined steps.


Marketing Automation Examples:
STS module saves time and effort by sending emails on your behalf, build workflow rules for virtually any situation and record type in your CRM. Messages can go out to your leads, clients, vendors, contractors, and in-house staff without opening your inbox. Our workflow technology is constantly monitoring CRM activity in the context of your workflow rules. When a rule is met, STS sends the email for you. It’s that simple.
You can also improve productivity through automated delegation. Let your CRM assign task sequences for each new lead, ensuring your reps remember to follow up through notifications and reminders.


When opportunities are won, no more waiting around for “next steps” – STS reduces downtime by keeping your team productive.

Sales process Automation Examples:
In a busy sales office, it doesn’t make sense for your sales managers to meet with every salesperson, every day. However, it does make sense for them to be updated when high-quality leads are entered into the system. Workflow automation simplifies that task, and makes sure that nothing is overlooked. Using sales automation module,

Your CRM administrator can:
- End to the sales manager feedback emails periodically on sales team progress and sales targets.  
- Automatically generate follow-up reminders for the salesperson in charge of the account.
- Receive automatic notifications about any status changes related to the account.

Support Automation Examples:
If you want to keep your customers (and who doesn’t?), you need to be able to respond to support issues quickly and efficiently. Support issues involve multiple departments, and everybody needs to be on the same page. Using support service automation, workflow automation allows you to:
1-Automatically change the client’s status to “contact immediately” in the salesperson’s CRM when a lead responds to a certain activity.
2-Generate an email to the client after fixing a certain issue to get out feedback.
3-Notify relevant support staff, managers, and salespeople by email or SMS, especially in the case of high-value customers.

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