5 Tips For Professional Email Marketing Message

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5 Tips For Professional Email Marketing Message

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5 Tips For Professional Email Marketing Message

1- Make it Personal:
Use recipients name at greeting part of the message, this way make the reader feel appreciated

2- Avoid Holidays:
Avoid sending email campaign at holidays unless you are offering services/products best bought at this time. hardly recipient can notice your email after he gets back to his inbox after holiday, as your email and others will be waiting there. B2B businesses are less sending emails during holidays compared to B2C businesses.

3- Use catchy Email Subjects:
Use smart message subjects and be sure subject clearly reflects message content. Try using short phrases and avoid using common words as "Free", "Test", "" as most email server mark such messages as spam. Use question subjects to attract reader ,

Example: "Looking for your dream house with 10 years installments?".

4- Content and content:
Focus on crafting stunning email content, use images is highly recommended. Make content short as possible, ignore using long words or phrases. Do not forget about CTA button or link.

5- Landing Page:
Prepare your Landing Page which appear when reader clicks CTA button/link. Make sure your landing page speaks same email message details with similar wording and language. Make sure to add a form to be submitted by reader. Also ensure your form is not long, it is fair enough to make it includes; name, a contact field as mobile or email or both. You can add other field if needed. Sometimes it is useful to use "i am not a robot" block to ensure eliminating spam.

There are many other tips to be used, make sure to Google for more or at least keep using the above 5 tips.

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