How To Plan Your Email Marketing Campaign

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How To Plan Your Email Marketing Campaign

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How To Plan Your Email Marketing Campaign

Before you start with designing an email content or layout, you must first define main goals of sending such email campaign. Setting email campaign's goals is very important not just for crafting best content serving such goals but also to set a scale of measuring results in order to evaluate success of campaign.

Among different issues to take into consideration are:


- What am I trying to achieve?:
You have to determine your email campaign purpose or goals. Goals can be either long-term goals or short-term goals. Long-term goal is about keeping in touch with my customers by sending regular periodic email as educating customers about industry trends. While short-term goal can rely on sending email announcing about certain product you are willing to sell it as fast as possible.


- Who to target (email audience)?:
It is very important to segment your customers into different lists/groups based on your understanding of their needs and wants. Never to say "One Product Fits All" you have to tailor different message content to meet customer point of view. This can be achieved by better understanding of customer needs and wants.

- When to send my emails and how many times?:
Timing of sending emails depends on the purpose of message.

Example: A special offer email is being sent just when offer is already existing and still valid. On the other hand, newsletter email is being sent mostly on monthly basis.

One more thing, stick to fixed schedule and make your audience familiar about your timing.

- CTA -Call To Action-:
CTA is about adding link or button allowing reader to interact with email content as "Order Now" or "Read More" buttons. Be sure to use CTA in the right place at your email, make it clear and obvious even make it in contrast with email content by using eye catchy color or image or different font size/color.

-Landing Pages:
Sometimes, it is very useful to plan using Landing Page as part of your email campaign, you can read more about Landing Pages Best Practices to deeply understand benefits of using it. Simply Landing Page is the page arises when customer click CTA button/link at email. Mostly it contains some details and a form to be submitted.

Modern CRM applications provide Email Creator in addition to Email Marketing Campaign Management allowing marketing team fully manage their Leads and Contacts.

Still have questions about how CRM’s software can help your business?


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