What should you know about Email Marketing?

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What should you know about Email Marketing?

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What should you know about Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to activity of sending emails to leads/customers to encourage them to do any of the following:
- Buying a product/service.
- Announce about new offers/promotions.
- Feedback about service/product.
- Increase awareness of a certain feature/benefit.

Generally Email Marketing is used for many purposes as promotion, retention & communication.

Email marketing is one of the most famous Marketing Channels used not just now but long time ago. Email marketing also is mostly one of the cheapest Marketing Channels ever used but on the other hand Email Marketing has many challenges and difficulties.

What Should You Know About Email Marketing?
1- Audience:
Nothing is important than your audience. You have to know who you are talking to and when to talk to them. Mostly, audience are grouped in email lists, each list may represents certain market segment.
2- Message (content):
People are different, so your customers. Do not ever send the same message to all your customers. You have to segment your audience and by then customize your email message content based on each segment interests, needs and wants. Email message can be the main reason for your email campaign to succeed or to fail.
3- Engagement:
Each action/interaction made at Email message is considered to be engagement, including: email opens, email clicks, unsubscribe, forward action, etc..

Finally How To Manage An Email Marketing Campaign?
Simply you can use any branded Email Marketing tool, just search Google or try STS Email Marketing module.

Start your Email Marketing activity now and enjoy communicating your customers.

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