How calendar module be effective for your business management?

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How calendar module be effective for your business management?

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How calendar module be effective for your business management?

Planning and scheduling is important when it comes to business events. A well conceived plan goes a long way in bringing positive results whereas, properly scheduled events can complement your planning. Businesses attend events for various reasons and events of different types. Having to keep track of all these in a note pad is definitely not a solution!      
Calendars are the right choice that shows you the list of events by day, week and month. Marking your events and calls in a calendar, helps you track the upcoming events and calls that are scheduled.
Most importantly, it gives you an idea of what is lined up for the day and how your week is going to be.

Calendar allows you the options of:

1-It helps in keep tracking follow-ups with daily tasks and activities.
2-It sets reminders and sends notifications for events, phone calls, meetings, etc..
3-Create recurring events that would take care of automatically scheduling weekly or monthly meetings.
4-Set up personal preferences for reminders, working hours, holidays, etc.
5-View calendars of other users based on the organizational hierarchy.
6-Import events from another calendar and also export events.
7- Add calendar to your Google Calendar App and create an instant 2-way sync between them so that you always stay notified about your upcoming events even on the go.
8- Creating events from within the calendar is quick and easy. You can either click the Create link or click on a date or time slot in the calendar to create events.

Here are the following fields while creating an event from the calendar:
Title - Name of the event
Location - Where the event is held
All day - Is it an all day event
From & To - Date and time of the event.
Repeat - When the event is schedules on a regular basis
Participants - People invited for the event.

Calendars helps in goal tracking through scheduling and continuous follow-ups, it also allows to add notes/comments and reminders to daily activities that can be easily imported/exported within the CRM.

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