12 Tips for better SEO

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12 Tips for better SEO

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12 Tips for better SEO

Tips and tricks :

1- Put in mind to build for users, not for search engines.

2- Pick a good keyword to focus on using Google keyword planner

3- Research the competition.

4- Keep your content in continuous quality improvements

5- Put the keyword in the name and alt-tag of your image.

6- Use the keyword in the URL and in the post.

7- Insert internal links.

8- Get external links from other websites.

9- Start (Or Improve) Your Company’s Blog.

10- Your domain name is the name of your website. Choose it wisely. It should be descriptive, easy to remember, and relevant to your content.

11- Your description is a short description of what your business is about. If you search a blog or business in Google, the description will appear. It should be short, descriptive, and relevant.

12- If you optimize your images for SEO, they may come up in image searches. This will also benefit your SEO on Pinterest through: Alt tag- image title and image file name.

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