Master keys for making content life longer

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Master keys for making content life longer

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Master keys for making content life longer

Some people think that the hardest part about content marketing is content creation itself, but absolutely wrong ! It is about keeping your content live for longer periods…

Here are some Quick Tips to Make Your Content Live Longer:

1. Organize your distribution:
Social media is constantly moving, it’s important to distribute and re-distribute to maximize the number of people exposed to your content.
Start by sharing a new piece of content on an exclusive with your customers. You may even include a short form to capture a little extra profile information on those who access it. Let them enjoy the privilege of exclusivity for a few days,Then go public.

Here are some ideas:
-Post the resource to SlideShare, and display the content on your blog. Now you can track views, shares, favorites, and comments all in one place.
-Post to Facebook and encourage your fans to comment on a specific aspect of the content.
-Answer highly relevant questions on "Q&A" sites like Quora ,LinkedIn Groups.

2. Use your “re-imagination”:
Whatever content you have on hand, chances are, it can be broken down or recombined to create a way to message on an additional platform .

For example:
Have a bunch of blog posts that share a common theme? Why not roll ‘em all up into an eBook on that topic? Maybe you have an eBook that digs deep into a particular subject? You can break out key lines to use for tweets and key chapters to use as blog posts.

3. Annualize and update:
Updating successful pieces annually is another way to get best out of your production. Technology has accelerated the pace of change in most industries, so what was relevant and accurate information one year, may have lost some of its accuracy or even be completely outdated the next.

Share and subscribe with us extra tips if you have more ideas to keep content live much longer…

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