How content can be managed?

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How content can be managed?

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How content can be managed?

Content management (CM) is the process for collection, delivery, retrieval and overall management of information in any format.

What Is a Content Management System?
A content management system (CMS) is a software package that provides some level of automation for the tasks required to effectively manage content.

Content Management Process:
Content management processes can vary by purpose and organization.
The stages of the content management lifecycle are:

1-Organization: The first stage where categories are created, designed and classifications are developed.

2-Creation: Content is classified into architectural categories.

3-Storage: Content format and storage decisions are made based on ease of access, delivery, security and other factors.

4-Workflow: Rules are designed to keep content moving through various roles while maintaining consistency with the organization's policies.

5-Editing: This step involves managing multiple content versions and presentation changes.

6-Publishing: The stage where content is delivered to users, which can be defined as website visitors.

7-Removal/Archives: The final stage where content is deleted or moved to an archive.

Types Of Digital Content Management:

1-Social media content management: Social media content management tools help to create an organized social media marketing strategy with defined goals and to analyze engagement.

2-Web content management: Web content management is used to create, manage and display webpages.

3-Mobile content management: Mobile content management (MCM) provides secure access to corporate data on smartphones, tablets and other devices.

4-Enterprise content management: (ECM) system has components that help enterprises manage data effectively.

Benefits Of A Content Management System:

1- Multiple users can log on and contribute, schedule or edit content to be published. Because the interface is usually browser-based, a CMS can be accessed from anywhere by any number of users.

2-CMS allows non-technical people who don’t know programming languages to easily create and manage their own web content.

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