How can you analyze your content?

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How can you analyze your content?

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How can you analyze your content?

Analyzing and measuring your Content:

The most important step in content creation is analyzing your content. Without data, you can’t know what’s working or how to improve it. Analyzing your content improves your content strategy and makes you know the effectiveness of future content.

There are several data points you could track when analyzing your content, so use your goals as a guide to set some parameters. Whatever you want to accomplish with your content will help you choose your metrics.

Here are things that are important to evaluate when you analyze your content:

1-Page Views:
The number of users that visit your content, How many times your content has been read, watched, or downloaded is a good indicator of how well it resonates with your audience.

2-Performance over time:
It’s important to check how individual content has performed over its lifetime. You have to analyze each post life journey from the date of its publish till now, when it’s organic traffic was extremely high and when it stopped or does it continues with the same flow? Does this depends on certain circumstances or change in people’s interests, needs ,behaviors and social trends.

3-Bounce Rate:
the percentage of visitors who leave your site after visiting only one page, then leave the site without any further interaction or navigation to other pages. It's often seen as an indication of a page that isn't fulfilling users' needs.

4-Conversion Rates:
the percent of visitors that engage with a CTA becoming leads.

5-Engagement Rates:
The number of people that interact with your content through likes, shares, comments, or in other ways. What kind of content gets the most engagement on social media? Examining on individual posts offers insight into what your followers are interested in. It can also help you evaluate your distribution strategy over different platforms. (Using Google analytics)

6-Audience Growth:
The new subscribers or leads that are generated from a piece of content.

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