10 tips you should be aware of in email content

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10 tips you should be aware of in email content

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10 tips you should be aware of in email content

Tips For E-Mail Content:

1-Make no mistake:
Everyone’s in competition these days, they’re in competition for eyes, clicks, and sales. The average person gets more than 100 emails per day. Even worse, the trick is that you should be smart enough to attract him to open it.

2- Know — and Write for — Your Target Market:
Study well your target market’s interests, needs, behavior and problems he faces.

3-Use Clear, Actionable Language:
keeping it easier,shorter and easy to digest its meaning.

4-Align Your Subject Line and Body Copy:
Think of your email subject line as your email’s promise. It tells the recipient what he or she can expect to find inside the email, The best way to increase open rates is to tell your readers what they’ll get from the email, how they’ll benefit from giving you their time.

-A free template for improving your time management skills.
-Do you want 50% off my next course?
-Take a free copy of my new book...No strings attached.

5-Personalize Each Email :
Don’t automate your greetings ,Try to show customization and personalizing each mail you send, , this shows trust, respect , adding value to the reader that you show him some care.

Dear Mr/Mrs--;
Sincerely ,

6-Prioritize Clarity :
If your readers don’t understand why you’re sending your email, they’ll hit the “unsubscribe” or "delete" button and move on to something else.

Each email you send should have a specific purpose (Examples):
-Announce a new online course
-Educate your audience about a tip or fact
-Encourage people to share your content
-Get your readers involved with you on social media

7-Don’t Sell Before the Prospect Is Ready:
If you start an email with, “Dear Reader, Please buy my product,” you’ll probably wind up without a customer.

Don't ask for the sale until the prospect is ready,“You need to give to get”.

In other words, if you share something of value with your readers, they might share the contents of their wallets in exchange.

8-Talk About Benefits, Not Features:
Features just communicate what a customer will receive. Benefits tell a customer how he or she will gain value from those features.

9- Present a Clear CTA:
Every email should include a call-to-action, or CTA.
If you want to know more about CTA display content tips.

10-Identify yourself clearly:
Addressing your position, company, field of industry,…

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