10 ideas to enhance social content

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10 ideas to enhance social content

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10 ideas to enhance social content

Social Media Tips:

1-Know your audience culture and common language, don't use acronyms or short characters as : 4 u , ASAP,..

2-For twitter: Keep your tweets under 120 characters, to leave space for the username of the person retweeting you and space for any comment that the user might add to your tweet.

3-Ask a question and say “you”:
If you want to engage the reader,make use of the word “you”, and ask opinions.

Example: How calendar module be effective for your business management?

4- People love story telling, try to get more closer to the way they love reading content.

5-Choose the perfect timing for your posts based on the best timing engagment.

6-Enrich your post with related picture, quotes that gives weight to your post.

7-Customize your posts content based on each social platform, as it surely differs from fb, twitter to linkedIn,…

8- Hashtags help you engage much more people to your content

9-keep upto date, trendy near street life and customers interesting needs.

10- Be Authentic: Don’t ever be overly promotional in your social media posts, show-up value added to your content first that afterwards attracts people to your products after implanting trust and need.

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