How strong content can influence SEO?

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How strong content can influence SEO?

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How strong content can influence SEO?

Tips and Tricks:

1-Make sure your content is adding value, helping your audience and positioning yourself right.

2-If you are thinking how strong content attracts visitors ? The magic comes when you put your content in front of your audience or clients at the right time—exactly when they need it.

3-Make quality the priority! It's better to produce content less frequently and ensure it's awesome, than publish large content, quality is over quantity.

4- Make sure all of your content is copyright free and legal for use.

5- Giving Importance to Research:
Every smart content marketer should be aware that conducting research is so essential. If readers find out that most of the content in a blog they frequently visit is inaccurate, this harms the company's image and negatively affects how their audience trusts their products or service.

6- Understanding your audience better by examining what keywords are doing well to improve search ranks and by staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

7- Enrich your content with media pictures or videos, quotes and statistics, providing links to other websites is another practice that should be done carefully to ensure that the sources are valid and reliable.

"Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles" ~Steve Jobs

8- A systematic and organized workflow is essential in content strategy:
• Gather all of your content in a spreadsheet.
• Create columns for target keywords, buyer persona, format, and main topic, then fill these in for each content piece.
• Add columns for your key metrics, like page views, shares, engagement, etc.
• Finally, categorize each post by those that are doing well, need improvement, should be rewritten, or can be merged with another post.

9- Periodically examine data related to engagement and ROI for each piece of content,without measuring the results of published content, it becomes difficult to know what kind of material to consistently publish such as total leads, returning visitors, click-through rates, landing page views, and keyword rankings.

10-Put in mind that each digital platform has its own content strategy, purpose, words length capacity , Different methods of showing data and different publishing timings.

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