4 Steps For Successful Email Marketing Campaign

4 Steps For Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Sep 27 , 2018

1- Select the right tool:
It is very important to know how to Select The Right Tool For Email Marketing , since mostly email addresses are stored among different sources as excel sheets, text files, external systems, old email messages, etc..
Some online tools is only dedicated for sending emails with reporting capabilities while other advanced systems as CRM provides built in functionality managing Email Marketing activities. For sure it is better to deal with CRM than to just use email sending tool, you can check STS Email Marketing module.

2-Segment Your Audience:
Segmentation is well known expression in marketing, since customers are different in interests and wants so segmentation aims to group similar customers together in one group/segment,

Segment X: Female customer with age range of 22-30 years old looking for sporty car.
Segment Y: New lead generated via company's website asking for details about serviceX, etc..

Segmentation is very important to keep your customers aware about your products/services based on their interests.
CRM Application can help segmenting your customers effectively.

3-Message Content Building:
Content building is crafting message content based on targeted audience, in other word, a discounted Car offer email message will vary in content based on customer(s) point of view. You may develop multiple contents for same offer. Read more about How To Build an Effective Content Strategy.
Also it is very important to embed CTA -Call To Action- within content in an attractive way as "Call Us" or "Buy Now" buttons. Such CTA button will be part of Email Statistics to Measure Campaign Success.

4- Test Your Campaign:
Sometimes it is very effective to test your campaign at a dummy email list.

Be sure to spend more time Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign. Also do not forget that Email Marketing Campaigns is a part of main CRM Application Modules.

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